Documents Needed for A Loan

There may be an option for reduced documentation, call us.


For all types of employment

  • One full month of current pay stubs for each job.
  • Past two (2) years W-2 statements from each employer
  • Past two (2) years of Federal Tax Returns – including all schedules.
  • Past two (2) years of 1099s for Social Security, Pensions, IRA Distributions, etc. (If applicable)
  • Past two (2) years of K1s from each Partnership and S-Corp. (If applicable)
  • If you own 25% or more of any of those Partnerships or Corporations, please provide the last two (2) years of Federal Tax Returns (Forms 1065 or 1120) along with a YTD P&L statement.

Other documents needed

  • Copy of the Purchase Agreement. (If applicable)
  • Two (2) months of bank statements. Please make sure to include all pages.
  • Legible copy of your government issued ID.
  • Copy of your full Trust Agreement. (If your property is or will be in a trust)
  • Copies of Mortgage, Property Tax, Insurance, and Homeowner Association statements for all properties that you own.

Please remember that lenders look at your financial picture “once in 30 years” so a thorough review is required. Please know that we will do our best to keep the paperwork required to a minimum but there are times when one piece of paper may lead to additional documentation. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Canadian borrowers – please provide Canadian equivalent. I.E. T-1, T-4, T-5, T-2 etc.